Major Issues Related to Women Health
(Women/Ladies Health Issues)

Nowadays, we observe different disorders in females. PCOD is one of them. Polycystic Ovarian Disorder is one major concern in today's generation.

Getting irregular periods, scanty and painful periods, sudden putting of weight (obesity), hair-growth on lips, chin, mid-abdominal line are some major symptoms. The body gets de-shaped at an early age. Also, lots of mental stress, irritability, sudden emotional outbursts are associated in PCOD. De shaping of the body disturbs the self- esteem. It gives inferiority complex too. This leads to depression.

The ovulation cycle also gets disturbed with menstrual cycle. Many females get unovulatory cycles, that is there is no ovum formation.

If this phase persist, there can be difficulties for conceiving after marriage. child-birth is affected. Nowadays, PCOD is becoming a major cause in infertility